What we do

We help you resolve your dispute before it develops into a conflict with the potential to cause lasting financial and reputational harm. We do this more quickly, at less cost and with much less stress than if you were to go through the courts.

We have the skills, experience and resources to take on your case and win on terms that are in your best interests. To do this we employ a range of strategies which may include, but are not restricted to, mediation, negotiation and arbitration. Our approach is bespoke, intense, targeted and designed to secure a swift resolution.

“Never lets his good humour slip. Has the ability to confront something square on while being very nice about it.
Very impressive.”

The Moot route vs the court route

While the courts clearly have their place, they are often not the best setting in which to resolve complex and emotional disputes. A formal, legal process can take months or even years to complete. And as it’s an adversarial process, matters can easily mushroom as both sides seek to apportion blame. This makes it very expensive and very stressful. 

At the end, there is not even a guarantee you will achieve a satisfactory outcome. And increasingly judges expect that you will try and resolve your dispute by other means before you bring it to court.   

However, when you ask your solicitor to resolve your dispute it’s likely they will go straight to the court process. By contrast, we have plenty of less costly, less risky and far less stressful strategies to employ. Strategies that in all likelihood mean you can avoid the court process altogether. The process we follow is fast, voluntary and will give you more than a 70% chance of success.

Ultimately, we can help you put the dispute behind you. In a matter of weeks, you’ll be able to look forward with positivity and plan for the future, rather than continue to be stuck dealing with the problems of the past.

“Excellent commercial acumen. Completely objective and outcome-driven.”

To discuss your dispute and how we can help you resolve it please call us on
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We help you limit your risk

Throughout the process you will only ever deal with the same person. We have no junior partners or trainee staff who are learning on the job. Just skilled and experienced dispute consultants. We work to assert your case and get the best possible outcome for you.  

Unlike in court, where the process is open to the public, everything we do is confidential and without prejudice. This means none of the discussions or written communications can be used as evidence in a later court claim or tribunal. And it means there is no risk that any publicity will cause you lasting reputational or financial damage. 

The only risk you face is that the other party may withdraw from the process at any time. However, we work hard to prevent this happening.

“Talked it through and saw the merits of the claim as well as pointing out the inaccuracies.”

You can clearly see the cost

Solicitors charge their time in blocks of six minutes. This means you won’t know the full cost of your case until it is resolved, or you lose in court. It also means your solicitor benefits the longer your case goes on.

By contrast, we charge a day rate. We agree a cost with you before the process begins, based on the number of days we estimate your dispute will take to resolve. If this changes, which it can if either party fails to cooperate, we’ll let you know in advance. We also align our fee to your success, which means it is in our best interests, as well as yours, to resolve your dispute quickly. 

You are involved and informed throughout

With litigation you hand control over to the courts, including the power to impose costs on you. Our process is voluntary and as such we keep you involved and informed throughout.

Court proceedings are complex, involving many different people and processes. They are also formulaic and so cannot cut corners or find more creative solutions. We can.

First, we clarify the key issue in your dispute and what you most want to achieve as you resolve it. For example, you may need to maintain a relationship with the other party or end it with no loss of good will. Whatever your main objective, we plan our campaign with this in mind. So, while our focus will be on resolving the dispute in your favour, i.e. a win / lose strategy, if a win / win strategy would serve you better in the long term, that is what we’ll work to. 

Our approach also means we waste neither your time or your money on insignificant issues at the expense of resolving what your dispute is really about. Because we identify the key issue and work to resolve this first, other, smaller issues associated with your dispute often subsequently disappear. 

The whole process is free from the formal language and procedures of the courts. This creates a far less combative environment and makes it easier to have what can sometimes be difficult conversations.

“No one has ever written to me before and told me what they were going to do – 
how they would be helping me.”

To discuss your dispute and how we can help you resolve it please call us on
+44 (0)20 3287 2802

We focus on your future interests

We look for practical, lasting and creative solutions that are in your best interests. The solution we find may not be available to you through the courts as they are limited in the outcomes they can provide.  Indeed, the best outcome you can expect from a court is an award of damages or for the case to be dismissed. 

We have the flexibility and creativity to secure solutions that can have a far higher long-term value than a one-off court settlement. 

For example, at the end of the process you may have preserved your relationship and even found new ways to cooperate. If the relationship has ended, it will have done so with no loss of goodwill or with minimal ill feeling. You will also have discovered how you can avoid similar problems in the future. 

“Remained calm and patient in a very emotional dispute.”

What happens if you don’t reach an agreement

Even if you don’t reach an agreement (and more than 70% of the cases we work on do) you’ll benefit.  You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of both your position and the other party’s, and the possible solutions available to you. This can make any subsequent legal process quicker and less costly.

You’ll also have shown good faith in your attempt to resolve the dispute in this way. Should you end up in court, this will stand you in good stead. 

You may settle on some aspects of your dispute, but not all. If this is the case, you are still free to take the unresolved issues to court.

“Brilliant. Very approachable and got the best out of both parties.”

What we don’t do

We do not act as solicitors, although one of our directors is one. And we do not give you any legal advice. However, we can offer strategic advice that will add value to any services your solicitor may provide now, or in the future.

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