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Local authorities are under ever-increasing pressure to maintain services while reducing their spend. Alongside this, most also face a growing number of disputes, with cases increasing in size and value.

Just one serious case can have a considerable impact on an authority’s resources, morale and ability to deliver services. This means authorities should be seeking swift dispute resolution on terms that are in their best interests.

However, while all local authorities use the courts to settle disputes, few make full use of other forms of dispute resolution. Yet these alternatives are quicker, cost less and don’t impact on day-to-day service delivery.

In addition, the judiciary will always encourage you to pursue ADR (alternative dispute resolution) before you go to court. If you fail to demonstrate that you have done so, you may be penalised with adverse costs orders. Therefore, your policy should be to pursue ADR first and keep litigation in reserve.

We can help.

“Moot are my first port of call for advice on how to approach a dispute. They know
what’s most likely to work and help us prepare the best strategy.

I really like their combination of Mark’s knowledge of the psychology of disputes
and David’s legal background. Their experience, business acumen and
understanding of commercial realities is significant and adds real value”

Lawyer, local authority in south east England

Why we add value

We help you respond to disputes in a proactive rather than a reactive way. This can prevent disputes from happening or stop them from escalating and so reduce the impact on your authority’s resources – both human and financial.

We complement what your in-house legal team provides to help you resolve your disputes quickly and on the best possible terms. We help you determine whether you can deal with a matter in-house or whether you need external support. If you do, we can help you decide what support you need and put you in touch with people who have the right skills and experience.

Your in-house team may be keen to reach an agreement but be neither comfortable with nor experienced in litigation. We boost your commercial skills to help you recover costs and settle your disputes on more favourable terms. And we help you plan your overall strategy to secure a resolution.

Ultimately we help you better meet your fiduciary duty and ensure best value.

Support for your leadership team

Many local authorities face a significant number of disputes at the same time, including some that are complex and sizeable. If you have a dispute, don’t just hand it over to your legal team without first exploring other options.

We can act as your first port of call for advice on a dispute. We can help you plan your strategy and get the right team around the table to negotiate. Ultimately we reduce the risk of going to court and help you win your case on favourable terms.

And, if we don’t think a dispute can be resolved, we will tell you.

This proactive approach to dispute resolution requires leadership from the top. We can work with your senior officers and elected members to help you do this.

You can use our services as a one-off to help deal with a dispute you’re facing now. Or you can retain us so you can bounce ideas off us and gain an external view whenever you need.

Support for your in-house legal team

We have considerable experience in complex and high-value commercial disputes, outsourcing, planning and procurement

We can:

  • Advise your legal team to help you achieve different outcomes
  • Help you assess the potential for a dispute and prepare your case in advance
  • Help you decide on the approach most likely to work and then help you prepare your strategy
  • Help you manage your dispute and the team who are working on it for you, and
  • Act for you to help you resolve your dispute.


We have a trusted network of people we often work with.
If you need particular expertise to help you resolve your dispute we can put you in touch with experienced firms and individuals and help you build an expert team.


We offer bespoke workshops that address issues you’re dealing with now or that help you prepare for those you may face in the future. For example, our workshop, State of the Nation: what might be coming your way and how to prepare, will help you anticipate and plan for disputes that may arise in the wake of COVID-19.

We also offer accredited workshops to help your leadership team maintain their CPD.

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